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With Over 35 Years of High Voltage Experience!!!

0_0_0_0_250_166_csupload_54690811Whether your high voltage substation needs routine service or emergency repair, you can trust our dedicated team of experts. We’re a family-owned, and NETA-certified shop with old-fashioned values, like honesty, integrity, and trust. We take on full responsibility for the any project; anything from an in-depth problem analysis(troubleshooting), to routine maintenance.

We understand the severity of the repercussions of having unforced and unnecessary downtime, so allow Industrial Tests, Inc. the opportunity to earn your trust and show you why we are setting the standard in electrical testing and maintenance needs.

Industrial Tests, Inc. business mantra is one that endlessly caters to our customers. We are not fully satisfied with a job, until our customers feel that their every need was met with full-force. Our broad range of unique services: over the phone technical assistance, 24-hour response, transformer oil analysis or overhaul spans to our very diverse customer base. We have done projects for every and all kinds of businesses: Government entities, public works or projects, Industrial companies, private customers, etc. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions relating to your high-voltage testing needs. We will immediately take your concerns or curiosities and meet them with the highest regard.


Call us for:


  • Power Transformer Service
  • Protective Relay Testing
  • Switchgear Maintenance
  • CCTV Testing
  • Power Factor and Doble Testing
  • Thermographic Inspection
  • Transformer Oil Diagnostics
  • Capacitor Bank Testing
  • Load Tap Changer Overhaul
  • Transformer Oil Purification
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • SF6 Circuit Breaker Repair
  • And more…

High Voltage Testing Services We Perform

High Voltage Safety...

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the highest importance. But above all, we believe that the Safety of our employees, the safety of your company's personnel, and the enduring safety of your electricalMore...

Substation Testing...

Industrial Tests, Inc. offers a complete team of trained, NETA Certified Technicians to tackle all of the equipment within your medium and high voltage substations or yards.  We have the capabilities to service your SF6 OCB's Switches Transformers Main Circuit Breakers Tie Circuit Breakers Feeder Circuit Breakers Protective Relays Bus Contactors Battery Systems CableMore...

Emergency Repair...

Industrial Tests, Inc. 24 hour Response & Repair Team knows everything there is to know about troubleshooting and repairing high voltage equipment. Our goal is to make sure we minimize the equipment's down time, which reduces your businesses downtime, and ultimatelyMore...

Equipment Repair...

Industrial Tests Repair Team knows the ins and outs of troubleshooting and repairing high voltage equipment to minimize the equipment's down time. Our highly skilled and experienced repair personnel are members of NETA. Many have successfully completed a rigorous twoMore...

Electrical Testing...

Industrial Tests Inc. contains, along with many other leading pieces of high-tech industry equipment, a high current test facility that can perform various equipment tests up to 40,000 amps. We also have high voltage testing equipment that can perform various tests up toMore...

About Industrial Tests, Inc.

Industrial Tests, Inc. provides full service electrical testing and maintenance services for industrial, commercial and municipal clients. From our main office in California, we serve clients nationwide including power plants and substations, wind and solar plants, petro-chemical and manufacturing plants, military and defense, data centers, hospitals, water treatment plants and anywhere where high power electricity is utilized. We perform a variety of services including:

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